Plants and sport for Christmas – marathon with 2 VegeLovers

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Two plant based Mums have decided to encourage local people to do some workout, dance and then try some vegan post workout food.



We are working on our third marathon, Christmas edition, and this time we need Your support.

We’re all going to work really hard on functional training and then dance on zumba:)

And since we “eat grass”, we’re going to share our passion for plant based food and provide all the participants with some good plant based post workout food.

We promise you’ll release your endorphins, feel positive energy and have good healthy vegan food.

This time we want more! More personal trainers and instructors, more participants, more endorphins!

Why do we do it?

Both of us believe that you can spend your free time in other ways than sitting on the sofa and watching TV. It’s hard to believe, but we fell in love with the active life only a few years ago.

More than sports!

We know that well balanced and healthy plant based diet provides all of your nutritional needs, energy and can be an alternative to traditional lunch boxes with chicken and rice. We prove that vegan food is a good choice and can easily be introduced into everyday life.

We want to encourage local people to do sports, organize sporting events combined with introduction of post workout vegan foods, promote healthy lifestyle and food. Our goal is to encourage people to try different forms of physical activities that local trainers and instructors provide.

We want to fight common myths and stereotypes about plant based diet and share our positive energy and passion with others. And please note, we have lots of energy to share:)



So far, we have organized two sporting events combined with preentation of healthy post workout plant based food. However, since we had to pay ourselves for the entire organization of previous events, we were able to invite up to 20 people only and the events did not include rental of any sports facilities and special audio equipment.



This time we want more! More personal trainers and instructors, more participants, more endorphins!

What’s the plan of the marathon?

  • Two different workouts (functional and zumba) managed by professional instructors and trainers.
  • Post workout vegan meal, nutritious and regenerating. Prepared by us and approved by professional dietitian.
  • Possibility to measure body composition.
  • Some special gifts for the participants;)Funds raised will be used for:

    – rental of professional sports facility

    – compensation for trainers and instructors

    – compensation for the dietitian

    – payment for professional photo session during the marathon

    – promotional campaign for the event

    – preparation of post workout vegan meals for all the participants

    – guarantee of free entry to the marathon for all the participants

    – gifts for the participants

Together we can achieve more! More physical activity, more healthy food, more energy!

Your support will help us to:

– organize next sporting events combined with presentation of healthy food

– encourage local poeple to do more sports

– promote healthy food and alternative diet

– present how to include veggies and fruit in your every day menu

– prove that plant based diet is more than „grass”

– promote various forms of physical activity

– promote local personal trainers and fitness instructors

If we succeed in raising more funds than planned, we will be able to organize next events at a higher professional level, provide the participants with even more attractive meetings that combine sports and diet.


Register at now. Look at the right panel and choose the amount you wish to contribute for the organization of our marathon. You can see what gift we’ve prepared for your kind contribution:)


You can also become the part of our new project! Join us and support us in organization of the next maraton!


Thank you:)