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All of you know by now that we love tofu and we love nuts and this is how the recipe for this delicious pistachio tofu cheesecake with chocolate frosting and chia was made. Creamy, delicate and hard to resist. Even people who avoid tofu fell could not tell that it’s made of tofu and simply fell in love with this cake! But remember about some workout – this cake is rich in calories.

pistacjowy tofurnik

Ingredients (baking pan –  22 cm diameter):

540 g tofu

1 cup peeled pistachios

7 tbsp coconut milk

7 tbsp erythritol

5 tbsp lemon juice

2.5 tbsp chia seeds

100g vegan cookies


100 ml soy milk

50g dark chocolate

1 tbsp erythritol

pistacjowy tofurnik


Grind pistachios in a spice grinder or a food processor. Blend tofu with coconut milk. Add erythritol , ground pistachios, lemon juice and mix again. Add chia and crushed cookies. Blend well. Transfer the filling into the baking tray and put into the fridge.


Chop chocolate into pieces and melt using a water bath. Combine it with soy milk and erythritol . Stir until the mixture is smooth. Pour the frosting over the top of the cake. Decorate with pistachios or any other nuts.

Leave in a fridge for minimum 8 hours.


pistacjowy tofurnik

pistacjowy tofurnik

pistacjowy tofurnik



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